Helping investment firms

Grow faster than the market


High Potential Investments

High Potential Investments is a wealth consultancy with a heart and a soul. We partner with Wealth Managers, Financial Advisors and Investment Intermediaries seeking to increase revenue, expand reach, and enhance client experience.



We help investment firms and wealth professionals create sustainable revenue growth.


Three variables determine new business flows: how effectively prospect attention is captured on engagement; how many potential clients are converted into relationships; and to what extent existing clients offer repeat revenue and referrals.


Expanding these variables is what we do. Below are the ways we do it.

How we help investment professionals grow faster than the market

Thought leadership and educational content marketing


The most efficient way to find clients is to have them find you. Effective thought leadership sparks client interest and invites a relationship built on reciprocity: our expertise in return for your investment. We have helped clients expand their reach through animated video, podcast interviews and written thought pieces.


Business development:

market entry strategy


Entering new markets needs new ideas: a blank piece of paper is a terrible thing to waste. Winning business demands a sales process which engages prospects; converts opportunity into revenue; and delights clients to ensure retention and win referrals. We have built and

delivered investment propositions across geographies in Intermediary and Retail markets, with every initiative exceeding revenue expectations.


Business development:

strategic iteration


The Pareto principle (the ‘80/20 rule’) is a natural law which governs the ratio between activity and outcome. If we can determine the key actions which deliver results, we can optimally calibrate where we focus our resources and energy. The objective of any strategic review is to invert the 80/20 rule, and in doing so unlock multiples of revenue through reallocation of effort - without incurring additional cost. This process works: when implemented for the investment manager of Africa’s largest financial organisation, we increased global fund sales by a factor of ten - within eight months.



The South African's Guide to Global Investing

Too many South Africans are excluded from the benefits of the international marketplace. This book aims to change that, by showing how to grow your wealth through simple, sustainable investment principles, and how to harness the fundamental drivers of global growth.


The South African's Guide to Global Investing


What readers say about The Global Investment Guide

“As a professional Certified Financial Planner, one of the questions we are most often asked by clients, is how much should one invest offshore? If this is your question, then this book is for you irrespective of where you are in your life’s journey… it’s an excellent read that will make sense even to the most non economically minded of reader. In my opinion, it’s one of the best reads on the topic."

Eric Scheepers, Professional Certified Financial Planner